1. Login to Facebook

2. Go to Pages on the left hand side

3. Select the business page

4. Scroll to the bottom left and select "Settings"

5. In the new list on the left hand side select "Page Roles"
6. Under Page owner you can see if you're the owner or who is the owner. If you scroll down further to the "Admin" section you can see if you're an admin. If you are, you can proceed to the next question in the questtionaire, if you are not an admin or not in that list, follow the next steps
7. If you cannot access this page, but you know who the owner is you can have them follow the instructions in the video, once they reach this point in the step by step, they would go to the "assign a new page role" section

8. In there they would need to type in your email, or your account URL

  • (You need to like the page before you can be added as an admin)
  • To find you account Username, on your Facebook home page, go to the arrow in the top right, click settings and privacy>Settings and it should appear there looking something like this: facebook.com/John.Doe1914

9. Once typed in and you can select it, they would click "Add"

10. You then on your account would receive a notification on your Facebook home page, in the top right under the bell.

11. Once accepted you are done! You can now proceed to the next step in the questionnaire!